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About us

Our mission

We are here to:

• Serve people who, like us, choose brands not by their popularity but by their quality.
• Make it easy to find trustworthy brands who are transparent about their production and growing process.

• Remove the confusion from the CBD purchasing process.
• Make it easy to find products you know are legal and tested.
• Be the first-choice retailer of organic CBD and vegan skin care products.
• Provide better, quicker and more personalised customer service than any other supplement retailer.
• Nurture a nation of health-conscious, ageless individuals.

What we believe in

When it comes down to staying healthy and remaining ageless nothing beats optimum nutrition, exercise, rest and a peaceful mind. Also, we cannot forget the importance of a healthy spirit, one that is nurtured by loving relationships, fulfilling projects and stimulating pastimes.

In times of deficiency or when life becomes hectic, you can support a healthy lifestyle with high-quality supplements that are proven to fast-track results. As their name say, “supplements” exist to compliment positive lifestyle choices.

Our story

As customers, back in 2016 we were struggling to find the best quality CBD oil for a family member who needed it. It was hard to figure out which brands were genuine and offered the best quality at an affordable price. We called up suppliers, interviewed them, learned about the importance of organic standards, third-party testing, good manufacturing practice and food supplement regulations.

We quickly found out that marketing messages could disguise bad-quality products or undermine good-quality ones. We saw how some of the better brands spent little if anything in advertising and relied on word of mouth and a quality product. We took it on ourselves to tell their story and have ended up stocking the ones we believe in. These are brands we’ve tried and tested ourselves and follow a strict selection criteria.

Our selection criteria

All of the products we feature follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP standards). This means that all our brands food supplements meet the same standards as medicines available in the EU.

When choosing nutrient-rich supplements and skincare, we favour natural and organic. When adding a CBD brand to for the Ageless, we look at 6 criteria to ensure the quality of the oils is superior plus the suppliers trustworthy and transparent:

1. Clear labelling - ensuring you know how much CBD you'll be taking.
2. CO2 Supercritical extraction - which is recognised as the highest-quality extraction method for CBD.
3. Legal THC, CBDV and CBD content.
4. Organic standards - to ensure no heavy metals, pesticides and other artificial chemical compounds are found in the extracts.
5. Full-spectrum & broad-spectrum - not just CBD but also a whole range of cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients to achieve the entourage effect.
6. Tried and tested - all products come with certificates of analysis and our team has tried them.

Our meticulous selection criteria have resulted in a boutique store that retails only first-rate products.

Premium CBD brands and food supplements

Our range features top CBD brands like Love Hemp, Biopurus, BioBloom, that manufacture the highest purity CBD extracts we’ve found: they are clearly labelled, CO2 extracted, vegan, certified organic, full-spectrum or broad-spectrum and third-party lab tested.

Even though it is our specialty, we’re not just a CBD store. Our food supplement and natural skincare selection comes from renowned British and European brands like G&G Vitamins, Mushrooms 4 Life, Living Nutrition, Alteya Organics and Planet Paleo.

How we operate

At for the Ageless, we’re a small team, but pride ourselves in offering outstanding, personalised customer service.

We see ourselves just like our customers, so we provide the service we’d like to receive:

- Personal and prompt attention to all queries.
- Speedy and secure delivery.
- Free shipping, samples and gifts available.
- We reward loyalty with discounts.
- Safe, high-quality products.
- Easy-to-understand, clearly written product information with minimal jargon.
- No false promises and no outrageous claims, our integrity won’t allow it.
- Thoroughly researched, reviewed and fact-checked blogs and guides.
- We listen to customer feedback and act on it.

We regularly make decisions based on customer feedback. For instance, we started delivering all parcels using a 1st class tracked service because customers requested a speedy and safe service. We have added brands like Love CBD and new products like Lion’s Mane mushroom, because they were suggested by our customers; we tried and tested them and decided to include hem in our range.

Worldwide service from Britain

We source all products directly from the supplier or main distributor and store and ship them from a state-of-the-art facility in Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton. This is one of the few Soil Association-certified organic warehouses in England, meeting the high standards laid down by the EU, DEFRA and the Soil Association.

Our main customer base is British, but we also deliver to countries in Europe where CBD is legal. We dispatch other food supplements and skincare worldwide.

Supplier price-match guarantee

By dealing directly with manufacturers and distributors, we secure lower prices and deliver the goods to you with a quality guarantee and a manufacturer price-match guarantee. This means that with us you can be sure that you’re receiving the freshest batch of the product and that you’ll be paying the same as if you were to buy the product directly from UK supplier or manufacturer.

Excellent reviews and media mentions

We’re proud of the excellent reviews we receive on Trustpilot, Google, Facebook and third-party review collector We've also been reviewed by influential sites like Best Spy.

Our ethos and trustworthy information have made us travel far. We’ve been mentioned and featured on The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Best Fit Magazine, Magnetic Magazine and many others.

We rely on expert advice and experience

To be able to keep abreast the latest research and present complex information in a clear and engaging way, we liaise with authors and experts specialised in cannabis, CBD oil, food supplements and natural skin care.

Regular contributors like Tim W. Shaw, Gavin Crawley, Hannah de Gruchy, Andrew Ward and Janelle Lassalle dig deeply into natural health topics with thoroughly researched blogs that reference trusted sources and include their own experience.

We follow a review process of our content on a monthly basis to ensure we keep information fully accurate and up to date.

We are members of the Cannabis Trades Association and adhere to UK legislation for CBD products.

for the Ageless is an online store of natural supplements and skincare operated by Go Wild Webs Ltd., a London company dedicated to marketing social and environmental projects. Go Wild Webs is sister company to Go Wild Films, producers of social and environmental video content.

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