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What are terpenes and how are they used?

CBD without terpenes is like walking into an art gallery with your eyes closed. It’s like eating your favourite meal without being able to smell it.
Life comes in HD and surround sound, it’s smellovision and full sensory. Every new experience is totally immersive and bombards your senses in every possible way.

Have you ever walked into a room, caught a scent in your nostrils and immediately been transported into a vivid memory from your past? You thrive on sensory experiences, they make up your life and memories.
The chances are that many of the smells that plunge you headlong into the past were created by terpenes!

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are a group of organic compounds that create unique tastes and smells. Over 20,000 of them exist in nature.

The smell of lemons that rises from the lemongrass as you pulverise it for Pad Thai? That’s a terpene! The smell of pine needles as you walk your dog through the woods? That’s a terpene too!

They complete experience and fix it into your memory permanently. In addition, in many plants, they are thought to provide benefits such as supporting the relief of inflammation and pain.

Within cannabis, there are over a hundred terpenes providing the varied smell and taste sensations of different strains.

Our range of terpenes is specially blended to give you the experience of well-loved cannabis varieties. ‘Pineapple Express’, for example, can be added to CBD products and gives you the taste and smell of that plant variety. Each of our products is designed to give you the cannabis sensory experience so use it expecting the deep musky tones of ‘Pineapple Express’ cannabis and not the sweet and fruity scents of an actual pineapple.

Are terpenes legal?

Terpenes are totally legal as long as they are not combined with THC. They are non-psychoactive and instead are healthy and contain many natural health-promoting agents. Terpenes for use with CBD may be harvested from cannabis plants but the same compounds can also be collected and blended from a range of other plants.

Terpenes are actually in wider use than you are probably aware of. Next time you notice anything with a particularly pleasant natural fragrance check out the ingredients. You will often find that they contain terpenes such as linalool, pinene or limonene.

What are the benefits of terpenes?

To take your CBD from supplement to sensory experience you need terpenes. They bring the tastes and smells that have made cannabis the iconic herb that it has become.

When provided alongside CBD in full spectrum oil, or other whole plant products, they form a part of the entourage effect. This is when the CBD acts with counterpart compounds found in cannabis and provides a communal effect not present when used individually.

The specific benefits of the terpenes contained in cannabis are the subject of much research and investigation. We are only just beginning to realise the many benefits that can be had and are being reported from CBD and its entourage.

When it comes to taking CBD with terpenes, why would you tear apart something that nature has so successfully put together?

How to use terpenes with CBD products

CBD made from whole plant extract will already contain many terpenes providing nutritional benefits and synergistic effects. This is a great option but you can also take things into your own hands with a range of standalone terpene products.
Terpenes and bioflavonoids can be purchased and added to both CBD oils and CBD vape juice. Just one drop can take you from vapour inhalation to sensory experience. These can be purchased ready mixed but if you prefer the ability to create a personalised effect then you’ve got to go for the terpene and bioflavonoid blends.

Terpenes are very strong so you will only need a very small amount to completely alter the flavour of your oil, paste or liquid. For the best effect aim for between 1% and 5% in each CBD product. You shouldn’t ingest the pure liquid and never go above 5%. Start small and build up; one 1/4ml drop of terpene into 10mls of oil will give you a concentration of roughly 2.5%.

Work your way up from here and see what gives you the best effect.

Final thoughts on Terpenes & CBD

If you think of supplementation as rows of blandly wrapped bottles containing white chalky tablets big enough to choke a horse then think again. Terpenes are flavourful and aromatic.

Adding a small amount of liquid terpenes or purchasing full spectrum oils will provide you with the full experience of CBD. So many plants, fruits and vegetables already deliver you the benefits of terpenes. The chances are that they have already enhanced your life.

Follow nature’s example and add terpenes to your regime. Life doesn’t need to be sterilised and 2D, don’t get a supplement, get an experience.

Written by Tim Shaw

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