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CBD capsules vs. CBD oil: Which is the best choice?

Drops, oils, tinctures, edibles, gummies and even infused water. The amount of CBD products now available can make the choice seem overwhelming. But even with such a wide range on offer, CBD capsules continue to stand out as the most convenient and fuss-free option.

Providing unrivalled discretion, portability and ease of use, they display many features that make them an ideal method of CBD delivery. To support you in your choice, let’s take the pros and the cons of CBD capsules and explore how they meet your needs.

Pros of CBD capsules

There is no getting away from the fact that oil is not the easiest product to handle. It can be hard to clean if you spill it and is not an appealing texture to swallow. However, capsules deliver it in neat self-contained units.

1. An easy way to dose CBD

Each capsule contains a readily measured dose that can be administered quickly. There’s no need to measure out oils just get your capsule and wash it down with water.

2. Discrete to use and carry

A bottle of capsules or even a blister pack can be packed securely and used without drawing any attention. The capsule is the ultimate in discretion when it comes to taking CBD on the go.

3. Simple to add to your routine

Adding a capsule to your routine couldn’t be easier. They can be taken as soon as you need them, this makes it much easier to take them regularly.

4. Convenient to use

Capsules are a convenient and effective method of taking CBD. There is no preparation needed and they can be used anywhere and at any time.

5. Little or no taste

They are also great for those who don’t enjoy the taste of full spectrum oil. The flavour is contained within the capsule and they can be taken quickly.

Benefits and effects of CBD capsules

CBD capsules that contain full spectrum oils will come with an entourage of cannabinoids and other compounds. They provide you with a host of natural ingredients that, users report, support a healthy lifestyle.

So many people are sharing their positive experiences with CBD that a recent EU resolution called for further research into its benefits. Members of the European Parliament believe that there could be a potential role for cannabis products in the treatment of conditions like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, depression and cancer.

CBD capsules contain oil within a gelatine coating or shell. This can be bitten to release the oil and then swallowed or they can be swallowed whole to dissolve in your gut.

Bioavailability is an indication of how much of a substance will be absorbed into your bloodstream for use by your body. If you swallow a capsule the bioavailability is low. Between 4% and 20% will reach your bloodstream and it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to feel any effects. This is great if you want a slow and long-lasting effect.

If you bite the capsule and hold the liquid under your tongue the CBD is absorbed directly into the blood vessels in your mouth. This gives you a quick result and you may feel the effect in 4 to 20 minutes.

These methods are useful for different situations and when you require CBD for different purposes. Their simplicity and the ease of their use have made them a very popular option among CBD products.

Cons of CBD capsules

CBD capsules, on the other hand, also have some disadvantages when compared with other CBD products: they're more expensive, have lower bioavailability (if swallowed) and it's hard to find them vegetarian & vegan.

1. Higher price

While CBD capsules have the market cornered with convenience, they can actually be priced higher than their equivalent dose in oil. Even at the higher price their convenience and versatility make them a great option.

2. Lower bioavailability if swallowed

Swallowing your capsules give you a long time until they will reach your bloodstream. Only a small percentage of the active ingredient will actually be used by your body. To increase the bioavailability and shorten this time the capsule can be bitten and the oil allowed to be absorbed under your tongue.

3. Not all capsules are organic and vegan

Often capsules contain gelatine and are unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans. However, there are plant-based and organic alternatives available.

Are there vegetarian & vegan CBD capsules?

There are a small number of vegan CBD capsules available. While these can be a good option, to have more choice of oil and dose you can also make your own.

There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from your own capsules from vegetarian capsule shells and your favourite CBD oil brand.

How to make vegan CBD capsules

You will need:
CBD oil with a dropper
45 to 50 empty vegetarian capsules (size 00)
Syringe: 10mm with a tapered deep reach tip

Open the vegetarian capsule in the middle and use the syringe or the CBD oil dropper to half fill the capsule. Close the vegetarian capsule and check that it is secure.

The benefits of this are numerous. If you realise you need to alter the dose you can just increase or decrease the amount inside instead of having to get a new batch. The capsule shells are easy to assemble and if you shop around, buying capsules and oil separately can provide a significant saving.

How to take CBD capsules

First, you will need to choose the correct capsule size and dosage. Capsules come in a range of strengths and while it is easier to take just one, you can always choose a small dose and increase it by adding another capsule.

Most people start by taking 20-30mg of CBD per day, but if you’re very sensitive to food supplements, you can start with 10mg per day for a week and see how it goes. If needed, you can double this dose after a week.

Capsules can be swallowed - The easiest method is to place the capsule on your tongue and swallow it with a drink.

Taken sublingually - This will get the CBD into your bloodstream quicker and involves holding the oil in your mouth. Bite open the capsule and allow it to be absorbed into your mouth by holding it under your tongue.

What are the best quality CBD capsules?

There are so many oils available it is important to be aware that they can vary in quality. Look for brands with good reputations and clear informative labels.

Love Hemp, Cibdol, CannabiGold and Love CBD have excellent capsules in their ranges. They all have third party lab certificates of analysis, are organic and full spectrum.

If you would like the convenience of a capsule but don’t want to be seen popping them into your mouth why not try an ‘undercover capsule’? These aren’t actually capsules at all but CBD oil gummies. Each contains a measured dose inside a sweet treat making them a perfect way to take your oil in public. Some people prefer to vape CBD in fancy flavours like blueberry menthol.

Conclusion on CBD oil capsules

CBD is quickly becoming a widely used nutritional supplement in many forms. More and more studies are linking it to general well-being and many potential positive benefits.

Capsules are one of the best ways to add it to your supplement routine. With unparalleled convenience, they keep and travel well.

If you are new to CBD this is definitely the place to start; easy to dose, easy to remember and discrete when you need them.


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